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Dr.Jeff E.

Wong botched an operation on me which caused me to be tube fed in hospitals for more than a year. He permanently damaged my health. He is very risky and dangerous. He told me I had kidney cancer when I did not have cancer.

The more mistakes he made the more money he pocketed. The law in Virginia is structured so that even if anyone wins in a medical case, the patient will end up losing money. So it is impractical to sue docor in Virginia.

I would have been better off going to a primitive witch coctor.

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You can't sue a doctor in California either.Dr.

Lynda Frye - a radiologist- misdiagnosed a breast cancer that cost me over $6500.00 and much anguish because the cancer wasn't discovered for 6 months after her failure to practice medicine correctly.

She is a quack and should not be allowed to deal with breast cancer patients EVER again.Who will she kill next?

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